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About Me

She/they | 29 | Illinois

Hi! I'm Alex Lutz, but most people online call me Lutz. I am an illustrator, comic artist, and graphic designer. Much of my work revolves around psychological horror, mental illness, isolation, surrealism, weird humor, and being LGBT.I write and draw the surreal psychological horror comic Krazy Noodle Massacre.Some of my interests include surrealism, typography, retro design, history, forensics, psychedelia, cassette futurism, horror, nature, and psychology.I earned a BFA in Painting from UIUC in 2015 and an AAS in Graphic Design from Parkland College in 2020. Resume available upon request.I have a rescue pitbull named Nora who likes to steal loaves of bread.I make tie-dyes sometimes.Thanks for stopping by!


Commission status: OPEN

All prices listed are per character. Additional characters cost 50% of the commission price.

All options include a wash background.

Please read TOS before commissioning.


$35 flats / $50 shaded

Hands or props +$10


$45 flats / $70 shaded

Complex props +$15

Full Body

$60 flats / $95 shaded

Complex props +$15


Prices will vary depending on complexity

Glitch Effects $15+

Includes distortions, halftones, and/or RGB shift

Vintage Photo Effect $15+

Make your commission look like a dusty old photo. Includes light leaks, dust, noise, scuffs, crinkles, and color shifting. Works best with headshot or waist-up options. All effects added manually, not with a phone filter.

Graphic Design Services $60+

If your illustration commission is part of a book cover, poster, campaign, or similar project that requires text graphics, I can design it for you!

Complex Background $75+

Characters in a detailed environment. Price dependent upon commission type and level of shading.

Terms of service

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.

Payment in US DOLLARS only.
I do not accept virtual currency.
Payment taken up front via paypal.
Contact: [email protected]

I will draw

  • Furries

  • Animals

  • Pet portraits

  • Humans and fantasy people such as elves, gnomes, orcs, hobbits, etc

  • Monsters and creatures

  • Blood, horror, gore, candy gore

  • Original characters

  • Artistic nudity

  • Weapons

  • Robots and mech

I will not draw

  • Explicit sexual content and/or fetish material

  • Hate speech

  • Discriminatory content

  • Sexualized or nude minors (any characters under 18)


  • I take commissions over Twitter DMs, Instagram DMs, and email.

  • I respond as quickly as I can to business correspondence.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission without explanation.

  • If you have a question about commission information that has not been addressed here, please contact me and I will discuss it with you.


  • Prices listed are base prices and may increase depending if the subject is highly complex and labor-intensive.

  • Please provide accurate references. Include images and/or descriptions of what you would like me to draw.

  • I will update the client on the sketch, ink, and coloring phases.

  • I reserve the right to terminate the work if there’s no communication on the client's behalf.

  • Rude or hateful conduct will not be tolerated and your order will be cancelled if it occurs.


  • I accept payment in USD through PayPal.

  • I do not begin work until payment is received in full.

  • Do not send the payment to me as a gift. It violates PayPal’s TOS for exchange of goods and services.

  • No shipping address is required because I am producing digital art.

Graphic Design Services

  • If design consultation and services are required for your illustration project, as in a poster, book cover, album sleeve, et cetera, I can provide text graphics for an additional fee.

  • Please provide body copy, logos, and a clear idea of what you would like.

  • I can write and/or edit copy for an additional fee.

  • I will design a logo for an additional fee.


  • All commissioned works discussed in this agreement are non-commercial and shall be treated as such. Individual contracts will be written when art is commissioned for commercial (for-profit) use.

  • I, the the artist, do not claim ownership of any intellectual property drawn in the commission, unless the client specifically asks me to draw a character of my own.

  • I retain full rights to all images produced and may use those in portfolios, commission examples, and any other form of self-promotion. However, I will not merchandise them without the client’s written permission.

  • The client cannot modify the final work unless it is a resize of the work for self-printing purposes.

  • The client may never claim work done under this agreement as their own.

Changes and Refunds

  • I will update the client on the sketch, ink, and coloring phases to allow for suggestions and changes.

  • If additional changes are requested after the customer approves the final commission, they will cost extra.

  • Refunds can be given for artwork that has not been started.

  • Partial refunds can be given for artwork which has already been started, but left unfinished due to unforeseen circumstances.



  • WIPs and time lapse videos can be provided if the client requests it.

  • The client will receive a JPG, PNG, or PDF of their commission in 300dpi.

  • I will not give the original working .PSD file with layers.

  • I will not print and send the final work through the mail. It will only be in digital format. However, the client may print it for their own use.


Thank you for your interest! If you have commission inquiries, are interested in hiring me, or have general questions, please fill out this form and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

For estimates, please include the commission type, level of shading, and any extras or add-ons in your message.